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Beyond Basic Arithmetic (The Java – Tutorials – Learning the Java Language – Numbers and Strings)

Beyond Basic Arithmetic The Java programming language supports basic arithmetic with its arithmetic operators: +, -, *, /, and %. The Math class in the java.lang package provides methods and constants for doing more advanced mathematical computation. The methods in the Math class are all static, so you call them directly from the class, like this: This allows ...
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50-Word Stories, Brand new bite-sized fiction every weekday!

50-Word Stories MATTHEW EICHENLAUB: When It Is Still Late afternoon, early winter Shadows lie heavy Across this old wooden floor In sleep, my cat’s ear twitches Pulling in his paws a little Feeling his fierce softness Sunlight between the shadows Seems to brighten Then it’s just this old familiar ringing That always comes when I am still Matthew ...
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